What our members are saying about Union Workers Credit Services

“I Love it” – Andy V., Miami, FL

“they gave good service” – Gerald M., New Castle, KY

“I love union workers I like the products thank you” – Julie S., Vallejo, CA

“this is great stuff” – Donny D., Ivey, GA

“Thank You !!!!!” – Stacey R., Punxsutawney, PA

“great stuff” – John B., Laurel, MD

“Very nice products” – Elaine T., West Bradford, PA

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“yes it works good” – Johnny W., Longs, SC

“I recently became a member of Union Workers Credit Services… The membership package I received from Union Workers generally exceeded what I thought I would receive for my membership fee… I have been satisfied with my purchase of a membership…”” – Sarah S., North Carolina

“This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for such stupendous customer service… very attentive, polite, and professional. She provided me with the customer service that I anticipate when I phone a business, in which, I provide my financial payments to.” – Sheila G., Junction City, KS